Xue Ya
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Xue Ya is an active entrepreneur promoting cross-border collaborations between Chinese and American businesses. Serving as a bridge between organizational leaders, she consults on a range of high-level business interactions as well as cultural entities.

Xue Ya promotes and is engaged in a variety of projects that help address environmental sustainability and human wellness. She is an investor and advisor to Delos, helping to expand the Delos Wellness and USGBC LEED activities in China. She has also organized or co-organized range of US-China roundtables and forums.

In 2013, Xue Ya joined the New York-based hedge fund and wealth management firm Platinum Partners. She founded Platinum’s Asia Division and serves as its Executive Director. She leads the firm’s effort to offer one-stop services for Asian investors.

Prior to 2013, Xue Ya was the Chief Executive Officer of Vamerica, the U.S. operations of Chinese real estate developer Vantone Holdings. From 2004 to 2013, she represented Vantone in its endeavors in the U.S. real estate market, including signing the first lease at One World Trade Center. She served as CEO of the China Center, leading the lease negotiations with The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, co-created and built the China Center brand, and spearheading the overall project development.

In 1990, Xue Ya founded the Fusion Management Group (FMG) with an initial vision to bring Western investment and advanced technology to China. For the past 25 years, FMG has helped lead Chinese companies go global, positioning Chinese firms and executives to significantly grow their business with United States, often bringing Chinese investment and technology to the US.

Xue Ya has vast experience in public and government relations through the various executive positions she had held. She is a well-established connector between US and international business communities. She is a member of the Partnership for New York City, member of Asia Society, and has been a board member of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and a range of other distinguished cultural, business, and public interest groups. She is board member of FCD Chinese School in New Jersey and has served as Chairman of the Board for 10 years.